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 ALLERGIES AND PHOTOKERATITIS  CHRISTMAS is here again,snow is falling once again,the weather is cold.... As family and friends enjoy the best of summer,others cannot wait for it to pass by.Medically,some people are very reactive to the presence of snow flakes and seasonal changes in the weather patterns.  Photokeratitis is a painful eye condition that occurs when your eye is exposed to invisible rays of energy called ultraviolet (UV) rays, either from the sun or from a man-made source.
Photokeratitis can be caused by sun reflection from sand, water, ice and snow. It can also happen if you stare at the sun, such as watching a solar eclipse directly without using a special device. A solar eclipse can also cause a burn to the retina, which is long lasting and more serious than temporary corneal damage.
There are also many man-made sources of ultraviolet light, including tanning lamps and tanning beds, as well as arc welding.

Snow blindness: a common form of photokeratitis Snow bli…


Huraaaaay!  Summer is here once again...... Enjoy the best of every moment with your family and friends . Summer with all the fun that comes seasonally with it, brings many medical conditions that causes discomforts in the life of many individuals who fall a victim to the season due to their body's reaction to the weather . As many cant wait for summer to come,others fear for the seasons return because of their eye ALLERGIES that  recurrently occurs every summer ;medically its called VERNAL  KERATOCONJUNCTIVITIS (spring catarrh).

Allergies are simply a hypersensitivity reaction of the human body following exposure to noxious stimuli in the environment.(pollen,dust,smoke,snow,perfumes,contact lenses,drugs,surgical sutures etc).Allergens as type 1 (immediate ) hypersensitivity reaction resulting in the secretion of eosinophils and mast cell degranulation causing inflamation,itchy sensation,redness,pain and tearing of the eyes.
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RED EYES Red eye is a common sign seen in many eye conditions; most often people get eye drops from nearby pharmacies when these symptoms are seen.Self medication by patients often worsen their eye conditions due to wrong drug prescriptions acquired.the eye conditions sometimes report to doctors late resulting in majority of visual impairments.this article will give all patients an idea about common causes of red eyes,symptoms and plan if confused about actions needed if your eyes getred. Red eye is simply occurs when small blood vessels that are present on the surface of the eye(conjunctiva) becomes enlarged congested with blood.

This often happens when there an insufficient amount of oxygen supplyto the cornea,trauma,or an infection to eye tissues. Red eye normally is no cause for alarm but may be dangerous when it comes with signs and symptoms like: - Pain - Reduced vision - Abnormal discharge from the eye  - Difficulty looking at light - Problem with moving eye and headaches 
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