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Oculus Inspire

Time is just a blip in is a process,each stage is expected to last a certain period duration of  time in eternity.Men always remember to learn somethings to forget,and remember somethings not to forget.No matter how wise a man gets,no man can or will ever remember the moment he was born and that moment he will die.......there is a man you can't see,but perceive.
He is in control....the source.(inside you)
We do not ask for life,but we are given.therefore,there is a purpose for every gift.humans fail to find a  complete identity for this man:impossible prove they call him love.
This is why every man with a souls basic instinct is to yearn to be Appreciated and Hunger and thirst for this,that's our true identity.when they are denied,they turn into monsters ready to devour even their human neighbors.A strong fear and emptiness hunts men when they are destabilized;men as mortal creatures seek refuge in things that are relative themselves:like :money,power,fame,religion,drugs, or even depend on mortal men like themselves to find meaning in life;always to be disappointed in the end.
A mortal man can never be satisfied.Men only learn to identify and appreciate his source(purpose ).then he becomes God,because God lives within him.
Men are toys God plays his mind through them as vessels to fulfill his a pipe water only flows when connected to a stops when disconnected.the invisible man never dies,he only transcends.
The passion or the fears you hold is a pointer to the problems you are created to solve.If you can imagine it,it's possible.As a man thinketh in his heart,so is he.the mind can become a liability or an asset depending on how big or small you think.
God does most of his works through people.the world is always waiting for your manifestation.
Always,freely life was given,freely shall it be taken someday by the giver.The only time and control you have is between now and that are the Judge.
    ⚠️ life as a gift;one man gets 10$ handed down to him as a gift.Another man works hard the whole year for the same 10$. You judge that it's the same amount....?
No,it's not.To the first,its just money(a gift) to be spent but to the second its more than just money.
Something higher.......your perception in life defines your end.
what gift will posterity remember you for?
Always remember the most important and valuable things in life are free
(God,love,and hope)

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