Computer Vision Syndrome

What is computer vision syndrome?
Computer vision syndrome(Digital Eye Strain) is a group of eye and vision related problems that results from prolonged computer use.
Many individuals spend prolonged time on near tasks,than at far.this puts stress on the visual system resulting in many discomforts:Near Point World.This technological generation predisposes us to spend more time on screen(laptop,smartphones,tablets) than on manual tasks,the eye always under stress and forced to adapt to tasks beyond its threshold.The average teen in the United States spends more than nine hours daily on the media for entertainment(playing computer games,Facebook,movies and office Jobs),the average 13- year old checks the social media more than hundred times daily.Analytically,people spend more time on screen than time to sleep.Prolonged  stress on the eye and other organs of the body presents clinical Alerts for multiple causes;Fatigue,asthenopia  and drowsiness.

Computer Usage for a long period of time comes with an inevitable dangers and side effect man can never ignore.but,man must learn to adapt to his environment or make changes (design )in the environment to suit his demands :Ergonomics.
The longer the eye stares on the screen,the more tired it gets.the eye even gets worse if you have a refractive error(astigmatism,hyperopia)or wearing an incorrect spectacle prescription  and even presbyopia(a receded near working distance as one ages,usually at 40 and beyond resulting  in blurry vision  at near ),more also,A fixed constant maintained fixation at near causes a complex of the below listed symptoms and signs.this is when you need your doctors advice (optometrist or opthalmologist ).These days many professions require staring very long on and a fixed posture for certain tasks resulting in eye strain and muscoskeletal problems such as carpal tunnels syndrome due to fixed keyboard typing postures for long period of times and fixed sitting postures in the office.children have an incompletely developed visual system,they often will complain of blurry sight on screen,pain and tearing when using tablets,phones,laptops and computers,especially if the lightening and their posture is below the ideal.They sometimes will prefer to get more close to the screen.
Remember :computer vision syndrome is a whole range of eyestrain and from computer use and not a stand alone anomaly of the eye.

•Blurred vision
•Double vision
•Dry Eyes,red eyes
•Eye irritations
•Neck and back pains(repetitive strain injury )
Note:these range of symptoms/signs of the eye can have long term effects if ignored.Research shows 50 to 90 percent of computer users experience CVS and may directly or indirectly influence performance at work.

Ergonomic  adjustments:
workstation modifications to suit the individuals visual demand is key to relieve or prevent the symptoms of CVS.the work station should be arranged to prevent GLARE on computer screens.this can be done by arranging screen away from Windows such that direct reflections from sunlight incident on the screen does not distract vision on the computer screen.Ask your employer to install task specific lights and indirect lightening systems that provide dimmer workstation to reduce reflection from surfaces.make a provision for desk lamps to supplement in task performance.
Always ensure Head is straight,back straight,legs torso,arms 90 degrees angle,arms flexible on arm rest and monitor screen tilted backwards slightly below horizontal eye level with working distance between 20-28 inches.

Lifestyle Adjustments :REMEMBER THE 20-20-20 RULE
Look at things 20 Feet away,look away from the screen for 20 minutes every hour,and blink every 20 seconds to keep the eye moist.
Sleep when you eye starts twitching,it's a sign you are tired.
Refractive management : visit your optometrist for comprehensive eye screening and effective refraction to correct any hidden refractive condition that may exacerbate CVS.phorias can induce discomforts during near vision.there are special computer lenses,tinted lenses,occupational bifocals,progressive computer lenses,glare Shields,contact lenses , and visors to aid clarity on screen.
Orthoptic exercises :fatigue in extra ocular muscles can result in ocular fatigue causing near point blur or lag of accommodation(eyes focusing power is delayed).It becomes imperative that we exercise the eye muscle by alternating fixation at distance and near every morning for 10 minutes.(i call it eye Gym),A routine of this process improves the muscles of the eye by strengthened this way.
Medical management :CVS induced dry eyes are normally relieved by artificial tear supplements (cool eyes,tears naturally,refresh tears etc).
ATTENTION :do not hesitate to see your doctor anytime you experience any of these symptoms and signs.Any question?...,Ask Dr. Oculus.

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